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Weekly Update: August 4, 2015

4th Aug, 2015

This week was pretty vanilla in terms of things that went on. I spent my days working on Tink, and my weekend at our final summer camp productions. It was great to just be able to WATCH shows for a change, instead of being heavily involved. On Sunday, I performed at my friends' pirate-themed party with one of my students, and yesterday I wrote a song that had nothing to do with Tink (it was refreshing!) I'm going to be filming it and putting it on youtube soon.

Here's to another week.

*Theatre I saw this week: Peter Pan and Godspell, at Stage Right

*What is stuck in my head right now: "Brighter Than the Sun" by Colbie Caillat

*Most delicious thing I ate this week: Sandwich from Melt in Cleveland

*Biggest non-work-related thing of the week: I am officially 6 months coffee free!

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